What are the Due Dates for Lodging and Paying Business Activity Statements (BAS)?

When you registered for GST you were able to choose the reporting period. This choice determines when you need to lodge your BAS. You will find the due date on your business activity statement (BAS), however, if you are unsure, we have created a handy guide to help.  

BAS lodgement periods 

There are thee lodgement periods you would have been able to choose from, each affects your due date. Your GST reporting and payment periods will either be quarterly, monthly or annually. If you are unsure as to which period you chose, talk to our registered agents at baslodge.com.au.  

When you do register for GST you need to start reporting from the date that you registered for GST, not the date you requested to be registered. So, if you have backdated you need to lodge a BAS for every period leading up to that date.

For example: If you requested to be registered for GST on the 30th of June 2019 but you back date it one year to the 30th of June to 2018 and you apply for monthly reporting, you will need to lodge a BAS for every month you missed between June 30th 2018 and June 30th 2019. 

BAS lodgement dates

Quarterly: If you have registered for quarterly lodgement periods then your BAS will be due on the 28th of the month following the quarter. You will also have to lodge a BAS for the quarter that you registered in. For example: you registered for a quarterly lodgement period on the 31st of May. This means that you will have to lodge a BAS for the Jan-Mar quarter. If instead you registered on the 1st of April you would only have to lodge for the Apr-Jun quarter.  

For the exact due dates for your quarterly BAS lodge check this break down: 


  • Quarter 1 (July, August, September) – 28th of October 
  • Quarter 2 (October, November, December) – 28th of February
  • Quarter 3 (January, February, March) – 28th of April
  • Quarter 4 (April, May, June) – 28th of July 

Monthly: If you are reporting monthly then you simply need to report by the 21st of the following month. For example: You will need to lodge June’s BAS by the 21st of July and July’s BAS by the 21st of August. If your GST turnover is $20 million or more then you must report and pay your GST monthly.  

Annually: If you are reporting annually your BAS is due to be lodged by the 31st of October. However, you can only report annually if your GST turnover is below $75,000 ($150,000 for not for profits). 

If you are a Taxi service or ride sharing service, like Uber, you must submit your BAS monthly or quarterly. 
These due dates are for both lodging your BAS and making your payments. 

Advantages of lodging with an agent 

Lodging your BAS with BASlodge.com.au couldn’t be easier. However, there are more advantages to lodging with us than an easy process. As BAS Lodge is registered with the Tax Practitioners Board you get the support of a qualified, registered ATO agent. That means that we can answer your queries and help you lodge your BAS. We also can get you an extra 4 weeks from your original due date to lodge your BAS. Once you have submitted your BAS to us we will check all of your figures, ensuring that everything is order, before lodging it to the ATO on your behalf.  

Lodging your BAS has never been easier with BASLodge.com.au. Lodge your BAS with us today! 

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